The creative inspiration for the full branding of INIT, Institute of Innovative Technologies, was found in the purpose of the very organization. INIT aims at teaching and spreading the knowledge on nanotechnologies and many other innovations among youngster. With this organization we used a truly smart, almost nano approach in design.

The atom cut in half became a logo for INIT (here the abbreviation of the institute which literally is “in it” became an inspiration for us). The electric color palette and molecular design patterns were used in accordance with the character of INIT: one can definitely feel the dynamics in whole project, well thought-out and executed to detail and scale.

The font was created specifically for this brand. During the creation of the font we used circular shapes, in order to preserve the integrity of style.

We created a design that was flexible enough to play with the elements and as a result get catchy and differing patterns.

We worked on each detail to make the brand more fascinating and useful.

We created a logo that will not lose its unique look both with graphic elements and without.

Client: Institute of Innovative Technologies

Type: Logo Design | Branding

Country: Armenia

Year: 2016

Art Director: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Karen Babajanyan, Masha Hayrapetyan