We built the whole branding by putting bricks of FUN one after another and had fun working on the concept to make a brand that will become a source of others' fun. We faced this idea when we sat down with our client to smoke a ceremonial pipe and discuss all the details. Mostly hookah is considered either as a sexy trendy element of night life or as an ethnic traditional component. But we didn't take neither of these options. We went for the state of mind and body while smoking hookah, a relaxed joyful harmony. We thought the character that is permanently in this statte is a panda, not an ordinary one, but with native American headdress. So we took this fluffy face and transformed it into the logo of smoking house located in Moscow.

As the process of choosing and ordering hookah also could not be trivial, the menu itself isn't standardized in shape and visual image. First you choose the base you would like to make your hookah: it may be water, milk or even stronger, wine or cognac. Then you choose from the variety of flavors the one that will make your day: cookies, bounty, ice cream, mojito and even christmas tree. But if Panda still didn't create or guess your desired hookah, there is a magic section on menu, called "guest's fantasy".

Here is how our peaceful and joyful panda looks on some of the brand elements like take away cups, bracelets, flyers, business cards and so on.

Client: Panda Hookah Smoking House

Type: Naming | Logo Design | Branding | Packaging

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Tigran Artenyan, Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Eduard Kankanyan