Logo Design

Braind develops logos and corporate identity. The company is a leader in the Armenian market with this service. Logo design is created for the most effective positioning and differentiation of the brand. The logo includes the brand name and expresses its entire strategy through a graphic image. Logo development is the first step in brand development and management in the process of creating brand communication with consumers. We create logos that, thanks to their simplicity and graphic solutions, make a business more competitive and recognizable to the target audience.

Logo development includes the following steps:

Development of the structure and concept of the logo During the design decision-making process the location, simplicity and compatibility of all elements are determined. At the stage of the structure development the flexibility of using the logo on various advertising media is taken into account. Font creation The creation of the font and the final adaptation are of fundamental importance in the development of the logo, since the font determines the style of the brand, its character and positioning strategy. Color coding Selection of individual color shades in the design of the logo and corporate identity creates a special mood and affects the perception of the brand. In addition, the color reflects the features of the price of the brand and features of quality positioning.