The naming was born surprisingly after exploring the aspects of the industry and already jokingly offered versions by our team members while brainstorming. As a result, we had “Shkaff” as a naming, which was chosen by the client easily, with cheers. “Shkaff” which means wardrobe/cupboard in Russian, is also commonly used word in Armenian slang.

The logo inspiration was found in the coherent and chained process of furniture assembling. It pictures two pieces of desks accommodating each other. The logo gives the feeling of ideally and easily fitting parts, which transmits and reflects the well established workflow of the company. We chose mostly red and white colors to emphasise the new concept and modernistic shade of the company.

We were to create a new brand for a furniture manufacturing company that operated in the market for years and had quite good results considering sold goods. But as they wanted to slightly change their concept and open a new shop they needed a modern and stylised brand. At the same time the new brand for furniture salon had to be as strong and lasting as the tables and chairs crafted in this manufactory.

Photo style that will fit the whole brand image is the most simple but contemporary. Here presents and prevails minimalism which peculiarly emphasizes each item and detail crafted in Shkaff furniture salon.

Client: Shkaff Furniture Salon

Type: Logo Design | Branding

Country: Armenia

Year: 2016

Art Director: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Karen Babajanyan, Masha Hayrapetyan