Complete visual brand identity guideline for Yeraz Kids Center

Here we present the shiny brand that presents “Space” of all the brand products that a child may ever need, a dreamland for moms and kids. We fully branded and packaged this Dream and now proudly present it to you.

As Երազ: Yeraz

Let's get unto the
dream world with a little
dreamy rocket!

Graphic Elements

The graphic elements are taken from the imaginary and more colorful dreams (yeraz) that all we had as a child. They were created with great love and care to children so do not have any sharp corners and acute angles. The rocket, planets, stars and the circles are the elements that make our brand alive.

Color Usage

Brand Image

Brand visuals are designed to be attractive and dreamy at the same time. These bright colors and nice illustrations take you to a dreamy world.

Icon Set

Creating the icon set we kept it apprehensible and amicable like we would make it to be appreciated by the most critical audience, kids. They are presented below in the main brand colors.

Building Facade Design


static_pages.yeraz.type static_pages.yeraz.logo_design


static_pages.yeraz.art_director Eduard Kankanyan

static_pages.yeraz.designer Ani Tarjumanyan

static_pages.yeraz.project_manager Karen Babajanyan